Tire Mounting and Installation

When you buy one or more new tires, it's necessary to have them properly mounted and balanced to make sure they wear evenly, and that they don't damage your axles or suspension. We perform mounting and installation services for new and seasonal tires, which includes:

  • Removing old tires from the wheels
  • Inspecting lug nuts and wheels
  • Installing new valve stems as needed
  • Mounting and sealing new tires
  • Inflating and balancing the tires

We can mount tires up to 22", and can accommodate any TPMS system. Our tire mounting equipment is plastic coated to protect your rims from scratches.

We will also dispose of your old tires. To help reduce the amount of tire waste material going into the environment, we work with the top eco-friendly tire recycling company in North America.

If you're ready for new tires, stop into your local Levin Tire and speak with one of our tire experts about finding the perfect tire for your vehicle. We'll have your new tires professionally mounted, installed and balanced, and have you back on the road in no time!

Tire Mounting and Installation