Tire Information

Tire Buying Guide

Learn all about tire size and type, as well as life expectancy and cost per mile. Take note about so-called “tire deals” and get tips for shopping. We’ll help you pick the right tires!

Plus-size Tires

Like the looks or appeal of plus-size tires? Find out about the handling effects of supersize tires and compatibility considerations. Levin will help you make a safe and cost-effective choice.

Reading Your Tire's Sidewalls

Does the information on your tires look like alphabet soup? Let Levin Tire take the mystery out of reading the letters, codes and symbols on you tire sidewalls.

Tire Inflation

Tire pressure is changeable. Keeping the proper PSI will improve tire wear, handling and passenger safety. Learn how and when to check your tire pressure for best results.

Tire Load Index

Want to read tire load index codes? We’ll help you choose the right load index for replacement tires and decipher labeling differences such as XL, p-metric and euro-metric.

Tire Replacement

Playing the waiting game with old tires leads to blowouts and flats. Play it safe: learn how tread wear and sidewall condition, as well as age, indicate the health of your tires.

Tire Rotation Diagrams

Rotating tires promotes even tread wear and is a great way to get every mile you can out of your tires. Check out our diagrams showing how tire size and types affects rotation options.

Tire Size

Reading your tire’s alphanumeric code is easy when you know what to look for. Learn the 7 parts of this code and what they reveal about size, type, rating and construction.

Tire Speed Rating

Speed rating codes really aren’t about how fast you drive. They’re more about safety and handling. Take a look at the ratings from N to Z and see how they affect replacement choices.

Tire Tread

When the rubber hits the road, you don’t want to worry about tire tread. Get tips on checking your tread life—including uneven wear—and how to do the penny safety test.

Understanding Wheel Size

There is a wide range of wheel sizes from “normal” to “oversize.” Your options depend on your vehicle, the driving conditions you face and—of course—your preferences. Levin can help you find what works and what doesn’t.

Wheel Alignment vs. Balancing

“I need an alignment…. Um, or balancing?” You’re not alone, if you’re not sure. Both help give you a smooth ride. Read our quick explanation of how they accomplish this in different ways.