Fuel System

A clean fuel system keeps your engine happy — and prolongs the life of your vehicle. We offer fuel system cleaning and filter replacement services at affordable rates.

Fuel System Cleaning

The fuel system stores and delivers fuel to the cylinder chamber, where it’s vaporized, combined with air and burned to produce the power behind your vehicle. Cleaning the fuel system removes fuel varnish buildup, valve deposits, and frees up the fuel lines that lead to the gas chamber.

Regular fuel system cleaning also ensures that the gas reaches the chamber evenly. Fuel injectors have small nozzles that emit a very fine spray of fuel into the chamber. If these nozzles are clogged, you get a thicker stream that won’t ignite — meaning you’ll get less power while using more gas.

If you experience hesitation when you press the gas pedal, or your gas mileage seems to be decreasing, it’s probably time to have your fuel system cleaned.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter is an important component of your fuel system, as it keeps unwanted contaminants from entering the fuel chamber — such as dirt, rust or fuel varnish deposits. Over time, the filter becomes clogged. Replacing this filter is a normal part of car maintenance and allows your engine to run smoothly.

Even if you have a “lifetime” filter, it should be checked once a year, and replaced at least every 24,000 miles.

Fuel system services at Levin Tire Center are not only affordable, but they can also fit into your busy schedule. Find a Levin location near you.

Fuel System