Car Battery

Image of auto repair employee replacing battery.

Battery Check

Need a new battery for your car, truck or van? Levin Tire and Service Center can help!

Our trained mechanics will first perform a visual inspection of your car battery to ensure battery connections are clean and tight, and there is no sign of corrosion. Next we’ll run an electrical system check to determine if the alternator and battery are old or defective and need replacing. During a charging system check, our technicians will:

  1. Review the voltage level of your car battery, which sends electricity to the starter.
  2. Test your vehicle’s alternator, which generates electrical currents that power all electrical components of your vehicle.
  3. Examine the voltage regulator, which makes sure the alternator output doesn’t over-or under-charge the electrical components of your vehicle.

Battery Replacement

All of our Levin Tire locations offer battery replacement services. We use ACDelco car batteries. Why? Because ACDelco batteries combine affordable price with incredible performance, even against harsh elements. They’re 100% performance- and reliability-tested, and we wouldn’t trust any other battery for your vehicle.

We also provide anti-corrosion battery service.  Over time, the battery terminals begin to form a corrosive build-up that reduces cranking capacity and shortens battery life.  Our anti-corrosion battery service helps restore cranking efficiency for easier starts and longer battery life.