Michelin Tire concept won’t go flat

Imagine an environmentally friendly tire that you never have to fill with air. Those are Michelin’s overarching goals with its newest concept tire: Vision.

This Vision is made of biodegradable material and has an interior structure that resembles alveoli, the small pockets structures that can be found in the lungs. A dense center gives the tire the strength it needs to support your vehicle while a softer exterior allows for flexibility on rough roadways.    

The dangers of running on E

One of the few instruments on a dashboard that every driver understands is the fuel gauge.

When the needle reaches E, you know you better fill-up soon. But few drivers know that letting the tank get that low can damage your car or put you at risk of being stranded.

5 fun facts about tires

Think you know a lot about tires? Check out these fun facts: