How many miles can I go before I get an oil changeWhen it comes to oil changes, everyone has an opinion for what type of oil to use and how often you should have it changed. The experts at Levin Tire Center share their knowledge to help you decide what’s best for you.

There’s a lot of debate taking place right now when it comes to oil changes. What type of oil should you use? How many miles can you go without an oil change? Should you replace the oil filter every time you change your oil?

As your trusted auto repair facility in northern Indiana, here are some guidelines the experts at Levin Tire Center follow:

tire treadChoosing a tire with the right tread can be a daunting task if you don’t know what the tread patterns are designed for. That’s why the experts at Levin Tire & Service Center have put together this information to help you choose the right tire for your vehicle.

car tipsSummer is a great opportunity to take a road trip and spend lots of time outside. But those warm, sunny conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle.

When you bring your vehicle in to Levin Tire Center, here are some of items we can inspect to make sure you enjoy your summer road trips to their fullest.

Why  do I get a flat tire when it rains?Believe it or not, your chances of getting a flat tire are higher on a rainy day versus a sunny one. The experts at Levin Tire & Service Center explain why.

You may have heard you’re more likely for you to get a flat tire when it rains versus a normal day. If fact, you may have even experienced it.

While it may seem strange, there’s evidence to back this theory up.

batteryYour battery light, along with many other lights on your dashboard, should illuminate for a few seconds when you first start your car. But if it doesn’t turn off, your battery may be about to die or you may have a problem with the charging system.

Other signs - including your dashboard clock resetting and dimming lights throughout the car – also support that one of these two areas may be having problems.

If your battery light turns on while you are driving, here are a few simple steps you should take: