Levin says thanksIt’s pretty thrilling to be voted #1 Tire Store and #1 Car Repair Shop! And that’s what readers of The Times, Indiana’s second largest daily newspaper, voted Levin Tire & Service Center as for “Best of the Region” 2015.

That’s why we want to say “thanks” with our Customer Appreciation Days, July 1-11. Levin will be offering tire rebates of up to $190, discounts on many of our services and a chance to win some great prizes!

This is going to be a great time to come to Levin Tire & Service Center. We have 7 full-service locations in northwest Indiana, where walk-ins are welcome and there is free shuttle service and Wi-Fi access.

Just remember, we will be closed on July 4 and our Highland location is open on Sundays. Want to read all about our award? Check out the article in The Times!

Click here for more details on our Customer Appreciation Days.

Rotors ImageKnowing exactly what to do about worn brakes can be confusing. Some manufacturers recommend replacing brake pads and rotors at the same time, but is it necessary?

While brake pads and rotors work as a pair, they don’t wear down at the same rate. Here’s how these parts should be evaluated:

The manufacturer stamps a recommended minimum thickness on the rotor. If the rotor has worn to less than this thickness, it should be replaced immediately. When there is wear left on the rotors, an estimated time frame for replacement can be given. If less than 6 months are estimated, you may find it more convenient to have the rotors replaced now.

Uneven wear on rotors can create vibration when braking. Rather than replacing rotors with this condition, you can have them resurfaced (also known as having them “turned.”)

Properly functioning brake pads actually protect your rotors. Pads are designed to make noise when they are worn out. Vibration in the steering or brake pedal can also signal brake wear.

Brake wear and tear is one of the most common maintenance and safety issues for car owners. If you are a frequent driver, your brakes should be inspected as often as every 3 months. If you are an infrequent driver, you should go no longer than 1 year between inspections.

Your Levin Tire & Service Center technician will look at all of the components of your brakes and determine if individual parts need to be replaced. Have more questions? Give us a call!


Tires LevinHave you ever considered buying used tires? There are two primary reasons for going this route: saving money and wanting to do what’s best for the environment.

Before you buy used tires, you should consider the benefits and risks, as well as evaluate the source of the used tires.

Tire history. Used tires do not reveal their full history, including whether they’ve been overloaded, underinflated or driven at excessive speeds. Such treatment can lead to internal damage that is not visible to the eye.

Tire age. Wear is not the only concern with used tires. Unworn tires can outlive their usefulness because tire materials degrade over time. DOT codes should be used to determine age.z

Tire registration. New tires are registered so that the owner receives recall notices and warranty benefits. This link to the manufacturer does not extend to second owners.

Source reliability. Because your safety is the bottom line, some used tire sources are less reliable than others. Do you know the seller and their reputation?

Affordability. If you simply cannot afford new tires, buying used tires may be something you have to consider. Buying the best tires you can afford will provide you with improved security.

Levin Tire & Service Centers of Merrillville, Hobart and Hammond offer quality used tires at reasonable tires.

For assistance making the choice between used and new tires, contact Levin Tire & Service Center. We will help you find the right tires for your budget.

Oil FilterAn oil filter protects your engine from damage that can be caused by impurities in the oil. Under pressure, the oil is cleaned when it passes through cellulose or synthetic materials. Why is it important to change oil filters on schedule? A clean filter traps tiny particles; a dirty, clogged filter will either allow dirty oil into the engine or reduce the amount of oil lubricating the engine.

When you get your car’s oil changed, you choose from different oils based on your type of vehicle, driving conditions and the time or distance you want to go between changes. The type of oil filter you need goes hand in hand with this choice.

Oil change = filter change
Once upon a time, filters were changed less often than oil, but new filters are now an affordable, practical way to protect your engine.

Change intervals
Just like oils, filters come in with different change interval ratings, starting with the standard 3,000-6,000 mille interval. If you use an oil that doesn’t need to be changed as often, your filter needs to last longer, too.

High mileage filters include cartridges of additives or detergents that help maintain viscosity and reduce corrosion.

Low-cost filters can have durability issues such as material shredding and gasket failure. If you want a filter that will last longer, quality is important.

The bottom line with oil filters is that one size doesn’t fit all! Talk with the technicians at Levin Tire & Service Center for the best advice on this essential item.

Tires DeflatingAre your tires acting tired? If they are deflating without any obvious punctures or tears, it’s time to check other areas where air can be released: the valve stem and the mounting surface.

A bad valve can create a very slow but constant air leak. The valve stem should be replaced when you get new tires, because it can wear out, get damaged or degrade from exposure to road chemicals.

The mounting surface—where the tire meets the wheel—can also spring a leak. Corrosion and dents are responsible for many leaks in this location.

To look for leaks, you can use the soapy water test: drip a water and dishwashing liquid mix on the valve stem and its base, as well as around the inside and outside edges of the tire-rim contact area. You’ll see bubbles where air is escaping.

For help diagnosing tire leaks and to have these problems repaired, visit the Levin Tire & Service Center nearest you. We won’t let flat tires get you down!