Vehicle Maintenance

Coolant Flush

Protect your engine from future corrosion, remove rust and scale deposits from the cooling system and keep your car running smoothly in hot and cold weather. To avoid spending much more on big repairs like blown head gaskets, bring your car to Levin Tire for a coolant flush.

Maintenance Schedule

Servicing your vehicle depends on your make and model, as well as the kinds of driving you do. Don’t know if your car needs care? Levin Tire’s free 32-point maintenance inspection will help keep you on track with service.

Summer Car Care Tips

Will you be on the road in hot weather? Taking some long distance trips? Avoid bad gas mileage and roadside emergencies by having your vehicle serviced and inspected by Levin Tire & Service technicians.

Synthetic Oil Change

Extend the time between oil changes by choosing synthetic oil and extended life oil filters. Oil products have changed and so can your oil change habits! The ASE certified professionalspros at Levin Tire can recommend new options for your vehicle.

Transmission Flush Reasons

Getting the transmission flushed will extend the life of your system. Signs of trouble include grinding noises, slipping or problems shifting gears, vehicle surge and delays in movement. Sound familiar? Come to Levin Tire!

Winter Car Care

Roadside emergencies are always a drag. In the cold of winter, however, they go from aggravating to downright miserable. Let Levin Tire keep you safe and warm, with a seasonal maintenance check.