Tire Repair

Safe, Reliable Car Tire Repair

According to a survey published by Tire Business magazine, 46% of tire failures are caused by improper repairs. Since tire failures can be fatal – especially when they occur at high speeds – you can understand why it’s so important that tires be repaired properly.

The Levin Tire pros fix tires according to the highest standards. We specialize in car and truck tire repair and can do much more than just fix a flat tire. Our tire services include puncture repair, tire rotations, wheel alignment, wheel balance, and tires for sale.

We can plug and patch puncture damage up to one-quarter inch in diameter. If the hole is larger than that, it can’t be repaired reliably and the tire should be discarded. Damage to the tire’s sidewall cannot be repaired either. Please avoid any service center that claims they can repair cuts, bulges or any other type of sidewall damage. They don’t have your safety in mind.

If there’s a screw or nail in the tread area or a slow air leak at the rim or valve stem, give us a call or stop into your nearest Levin Tire and Service Center location. We’ll get your tire leak repaired and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Tire Mounting and Installation