Synthetic Oil: Worth the Extra Cost

Yes, synthetic oil costs more, but it provides greater benefits to your vehicle. Here are three reasons to consider a synthetic:

1. Synthetic oils contain only smooth lubricating molecules, which means:

  • They’re more effective at reducing friction, which offers better fuel economy.
  • They provide better heat control which offers benefits in extreme weather. 
  • They're more stable, meaning it will hold up for a longer period of time. 

2. Depending on what, where and how you drive, synthetic oils last much longer than conventional oils - up to 20,000 miles. You might change conventional oil four or five times over that same number of miles.

3. Synthetic engine oil is a chemically engineered lubricant. It contains no crude oil. That’s good for environmental reasons and because of the volatile - and rising - price of crude oil.

Conventional oil also contains components that actually work against the lubrication process. Paraffin, for example, is a mixture of hydrocarbons that causes conventional motor oil to thicken and loose its ability to flow in colder temperatures. Those qualities make for less effective motor oil. Also, some conventional motor oils contain nitrogen and sulfur, which can lead to the formation of sludge.