At Levin Tire & Service Center, we see a lot of different vehicles come through our bay doors for auto repair.

However, not all makes and models are created equal when it comes to maintenance costs. There are certain automobiles that take it easier on their drivers’ wallets than others. Here’s a look at some popular automakers and where they rank on average auto repair costs.

April is National Car Care Month, which makes spring the perfect time to pamper your vehicle after what might have been a rough winter.

In addition to important routine work such as Oil Change, tire services and windshield wiper blade replacements, here are some other auto repair and services to perform on your vehicle this spring.

There’s no doubt about it – fog makes driving a more dangerous task.

Decreased visibility means you have less time to react to potential roadway hazards. Animals, stopped traffic and left-of-center vehicles come up on you much faster when you don’t see them until it’s too late. These tips will make driving in the fog as safe as possible.