Know Your Vehicle

Battery Basics

Going somewhere? Not without a reliable battery. Your battery, charging system and starting system are essential to maintaining a reliable vehicle. Learn how these systems keep you powered and ready to go.

Brake System

We rely on brakes to stop some 2 tons of metal, rubber and more. Take a look at the two types of brake systems—hydraulic and friction—to better understand this essential mechanism.

Check Engine Light

Warning lights on the dashboard can be scary, but they show problems before you hit the road. Levin Tire technicians can read “trouble codes” with state of the art equipment and advise you if repairs are needed.

Types of Engine Oil

Regular or premium gas? Full synthetic or synthetic blend engine oil? Find out what benefits come with new oil products and why you might not want to fall back on the same old oils you used before.

Water Pump

The water pump’s connected to the…. Knee bone? Engine and radiator. This water transfer device keeps your car cool. Know the signs of water pump trouble and you’ll be able to protect your engine from harm.