Engine Tune-Ups

In order to meet Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy standards, today's vehicles are equipped with very sophisticated electronic engine control systems. These systems feed information about the engine's operating conditions to the engine control computer, which then sends commands to the ignition system, the fuel system, and the emission control system.

When Should You Get a Tune- Up

Tune-ups are an important part of regular vehicle maintenance, and should be performed every 15,000 to 20,000 miles, depending on driving conditions. There are also several signs to look for that will tell you when you need a tune-up.

Schedule a tune-up if you notice:

  • Decreasing gas mileage
  • Loss of power or torque
  • Stalling at stop signs or lights
  • Change in engine sound
  • Knocking or pinging sounds during acceleration or after ignition is turned off
  • Check engine light is on

Why Are Tune-Ups Important

If regular maintenance and inspection isn't performed on your engine, your vehicle may not be operating as reliably or efficiently as it should.

Regular tune-ups are suggested for the following reasons:

  • Normal vehicle use causes various parts of your engine to lose their efficiency because of temperature and vibrations.
  • Regular tune-ups help ensure vehicle safety and performance by replacing worn or faulty parts.
  • Tune-Ups help achieve maximum fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.

Image of different engines levin auto repair can tune-up.

Why Chose Levin Tire Center

The auto care professionals at Levin Tire and Service Center work with the latest diagnostic and repair tools to keep your vehicle running at its peak efficiency.

During your engine tune-up visit we wirelessly connect your vehicle to our Bluetooth enabled diagnostic computer. This device gives us the power to review all of your engine features, codes and programs to ensure the top performance of your vehicle. By using this program we have the ability to manually control every aspect of your engine to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

If you're having engine trouble, stop in to your closest Levin Tire Center and let us know. We'll get to work quickly to get you back on the road.