Emissions Repair

Did your vehicle fail the Indiana state-mandated vehicle emissions test?

Levin Tire can help! Four of our Levin Tire locations are Indiana Certified Emission Repair Technician (ICERT) facilities, are highly rated by the State of Indiana! That means we're able to diagnose and repair whatever problem is causing your vehicle to fail the emissions test, including any issue relating to the check engine light. We have the tools, training and equipment needed to fix the problem right . . . the first time!

At Levin Tire, we have trained and experienced technicians as well as state of the art equipment so we can accurately diagnose and repair any emissions or check engine light issue. Only repairs that are performed by an ICERT facility count toward a minimum expenditure waiver, so many motorists prefer to take their vehicles to an ICERT facility, like Levin.

The best way to avoid failing your emissions test is to properly service your vehicle. Keep up with your manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, including regular oil changes, changing your fuel filter, and even getting a tune-up can help avoid potential problems.  If you're hearing sounds from your engine or see your check engine light come on, seek to have your vehicle diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible.

If you've failed your emissions test, visit one of our ICERT locations in Highland, Crown Point, Winfield or Valparaiso, Indiana. Be sure to bring your Vehicle Inspection Report with you so our certified technician can sign off on repairs.  Call or stop in today...there's no appointment necessary!

For more information about emissions testing and repairs in Indiana, visit www.cleanaircheck.com.

Image of exhaust emissions repaired by levin auto repair shop in Indiana.