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Cooper TiresThe next time you're in the market for Cooper tires, make your way to one of our Northwest Indiana tire shops. We have the selection, prices, and professional services you're looking for, no matter what kind of tires you need. Find out what makes Cooper tires some of the most popular and dependable on the road, and rely on Levin Tire in Northwest Indiana for your sales, mounting, and balancing.

History of Cooper Tires

Cooper Tires originated as a small tire repair supplier founded in 1914, in Akron, OH. The company grew swiftly and steadily from there, becoming one of the most recognized brands in the entire tire industry. After production was diverted to serving and supporting the war effort in WWII, Cooper Tires took on its current name. Today the company is heavily involved in motorsports, particularly competitive drifting and F1 racing, and remains one of the largest tire producers in the world.

Cooper Tires Available at Levin Tire

You can find a wide selection of Cooper tires at any of our locations, and these are some of our most popular options:

  • Cobra Radial: Designed for both style and performance, these all-season tires work in any conditions and look great in the process.
  • CS3 Touring: Thanks to a number of innovations, drivers can confidently travel though rain, ice, and snow with CS3 tires on the vehicle. Versions for larger and specialty vehicles are also available.
  • Discoverer: These truck and SUV tires provide the stability and rugged toughness necessary when carrying heavy loads or traversing rough terrain.
  • Weather Master: Common roadway hazards like slick pavement and hidden icy patches are less to worry about with the full range of Weather Master tires.
  • Zenon: Give your pickup or SUV a head-turning appearance with premium Zenon tires mounted all around.

Levin Tire is Here to Meet Your Tire Needs

We make easy and affordable to find Cooper tires throughout Northwest Indiana. Visit any one of our seven locations and work with our friendly staff of tire experts.