Levin Tire is the Source for Continental Tires in Northwest Indiana

When you're looking for a tire shop in Northwest Indiana with Continental tires, competitive prices, and tires discounts, come to Levin Tire & Service Center. You’ll be greeted by someone on our friendly staff that can help you out choose the right tires for your vehicle. We have locations throughout the region, and we make it easy to upgrade your vehicle's tires. If your tread is worn down or you simply want tires that look, feel, and perform better than the ones you have now, locate the Levin Tire shop closest to you and find the Continental Tires that are right for your vehicle.

The History of Continental Tires

Continental TiresContinental is more than just a tire company. The German manufacturer also makes brakes, safety systems, powertrains, and chassis, setting it apart from other tire makers that have a limited investment in the automotive market. First founded as a rubber manufacturer in 1871, Continental sold tires and other automotive components around the world but did not enter the American market until 1987. Today, the company is based in South Carolina and has invested heavily in new manufacturing capabilities to further improve the quality of the tires and to ensure a steady supply.

Continental Tires at Levin Tire

You can find a wide variety of Continental tires at Levin Tire, whether you’re looking to enhance performance, get ready for winter, or simply get quality tires for less. Here are just a few of the most popular options:

  • Sportcontact: These high-performance tires enhance handling and help high-speed vehicles improve their stopping distance.
  • Procontact: Procontact all-season tires provide excellent traction on wet and loose surfaces while also helping to reduce noise from the road.
  • Touringcontact: These all-purpose tires are designed for drivers who log a lot of miles and need tires they can depend on.
  • Contitrac: The Contitrac pickup and SUV tires stand up to the roughest terrain and perform even under the heaviest loads.

Your Tire Needs are Covered at Levin Tire

Getting new tires doesn't have to be confusing or difficult. Let Levin Tire make things easy on you. Visit one of our seven Levin Tire locations to find Continental tires and other major brands of tires, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the entire process.